It’s incredible how fast time is going on, but tomorrow is 2015!
I had an awesome year 2014. I dont know, I can’t say it was my best year, because every year has something special, but this year was so different.
I can remember like it was yesterday that I was celebrating New Years 2014 with my family and friends and that I told them that I won’t be in Germany the second part of the year. I was so excited for this change and I was nervous! I didnt know what was going to happen, I didn’t know my hostfamily, my new school and all the people I was going to meet. And still I had half a year in Germany. I went to Fuerteventura with my swimming team for our trainingscamp and that was so much fun! And I had my 16 birthday in my summer vacations. I don’t know why, but I was super exited for my Birthday. Finally 16!!! When I was younger I thought when your 16 you are super old. Haha, now I know that is definitely wrong. I don’t feel old at all but I really like it to be 16! And I knew this year would be so exiting, awesome and different!
Everything started in August 2014 and it was time to say ‚goodbye‘. Say good bye to my family, my friends and my life in Germany. The plane to my adventure started and now everything was going to change. New People, new home, new life. I’m starting to be a new person. I won’t come back as the same as I left.
But thats okay, that’s why i wanted to do it!
My first stop was New York city and again this city is so awesome! I loved that trip and I didn’t want to leave, I didn’t want to go to my host family.
But there was no opportunity not to go and so I was sitting in the plane by my self and I was so nervous.
And here we go, welcome to Green Bay, Wisconsin.
My host family was waiting for me with baloons and posters and there were so many people! But of course I almsot passed them without realizing that they are waiting for me, haha.
Finally I checked it and then I gave everybody a hug and we were going to my new home.
At the beginning I was scared to talk and every time when somebody was trying to talk to me, I whished that I couldn’t be there so that they can’t talk to me. It was really difficult to understand what they were saying and to answer all these questions was hard because my vocabulary wasn’t the best.
But I got used to it so fast and my english got better and better. I just watched a video in which I was talking in english and my english sounds so funny, it was really bad at the beginning, haha.
And know I’m here in America for almost half a year. I can’t belive it! I had so many new experiences and so much fun! I love my new family, I can say that I found a second family here, a second home. I met new people, found new friends and a new life. School here is awesome. I love the school spirit and the school system! To go to the football games on friday nights, to the volleyball games and basketball games with my friends was so much fun. Dressing up in different themes and cheering for your school was one of my favorite things here. I was also in the swimming team from my school and it was a great experience and even it was a really hard time because I had so much practice, I found fun in my favorite sport again and motivation! The motivation for sports is so different compared to the motivation in Germany because here you are doing it not only for you, you are doing it for your team, for your school. I had meets almost every Tuesday and Thursday and we cheered as a team for every teammate, for every relay. And my team was such a good team and that’s why I had the chance to go to sectionals and to state with some of the girls. It was one of the best things here in America! I’m so glad that I had the chance to swim on this team and now I’m sad that the time is over. But it’s okay! I will have new things going on and I’m so excited to have another half a year here in America. I love the time here and if everybody asked me if I ever would choose against this year, NO! I’m so happy to have the opportunitiy to do that exchange year because it’s a once in a lifetime experience.
And now is the time to say ‚Thank You‘ to everybody who gave me the opportunity to do it. And the biggest ‚Thank You‘ goes to my family, my parents! I can’t say how happy I am and I’m just soo thankful! I love you guys! Of course I have homesickness too, but it’s not bad but I just realized that I love my family and my home in Germany a lot. And I just want you to know that I love you so much.
I wish you all a Happy New Year and I’m so excited what will happen in 2015, because 2014 was perfect!


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